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Milton Abbas Macmillan coffee morning St James 10:30 Tuesday 28th September


Parish Council to go “virtual”

As a consequence of the spread of pandemic Covid-19, the Government has temporarily removed the legal requirement for local authorities to hold public meetings in person. It claims that this will enable councils to make effective and transparent decisions on the delivery of services for residents and ensure that local democracy continues to thrive.

The requirement to give adequate notice (3 working days) to the public prior to meetings still stands.

Milton Abbas Parish Councillors have decided to make use of Zoom to conduct virtual meetings and the first meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday 11th May.

The meeting will be set up by the Parish Clerk who will then hand hosting responsibilities to the Chair of the meeting. The Chair has the power to mute all attendees (including fellow Councillors) in order to ensure that only one person is speaking at any one time. The app provides a facility to “raise a hand” if you wish to speak, which the Chair will be aware of. The Chair will lower your hand and unmute you prior to inviting you to speak.

To obtain the Zoom app for a tablet or phone, go to the appropriate app store (Apple Store for iPads or iPhones; Google Play for Android devices) and search using the word “Zoom”. Alternatively, go to and follow the instructions using your web browser if you are using a PC/laptop.

You will need to set up a login ID (normally your email address) and your name so that others can identify you on screen. You will also be asked to allow Zoom access to various features on your device including the microphone and video facilities to which you must answer “Yes” or the other participants will not be able to see/hear you during the meeting. It is as simple as that!

Once you are logged in to your (free) account you can ask to “Join” a meeting. The entry number to join is 706 827 2399This number will be re-published when each meeting notice and agenda is issued. The PC will use as much social media as possible including the following – Elli-gram, Milton Abbas Community Facebook page, PC website, village website and hard copy notices on PC Notice Boards and elsewhere. Following entry of the meeting number and a request to join the meeting, you will be placed in a “waiting room” which the host can see, and he/she will then allow you to participate.

A test meeting is scheduled for Monday 4th May at 7:30 p.mto enable residents to “practice” using the Zoom app, should you wish to, prior to the official meeting. The same number can be used to join that meeting as the official meeting.

Liz Sellen, Parish Clerk




Milton Abbas Parish Council Milton Abbas Surgery

Coronavirus Covid-19

Do you need help with shopping or obtaining your medicine due to selfisolation? Are you willing and able to support your fellow residents who need help? If the answer to either of these questions is YES, then please ring 01258 470333

Milton Abbas Neighbourcar has kindly agreed to provide this number as a means of coordinating and putting in touch those in need of help and support with those who are prepared to offer assistance. The number provides a messaging service with clear instructions. It will be regularly monitored, and we will contact everyone who rings for more detailed contact information. By ringing the number above, you will be giving your permission for your personal contact data to be stored for the purpose of managing the Coronavirus support service. Finally, if you have internet access do check our websites for up to date information.



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This website is intended to give an insight into our village, a little of its history up to the present day and some of the other interests and businesses that are to be found here.

Milton Abbas is a small village in the south of England in the county of Dorset. It is located about 8 miles south of Blandford and 11 miles north east of Dorchester.

The village dates back to 1773 when building commenced at the instruction of Lord Milton as part of the transfer of the old town of Middleton originally located within the grounds of Milton Abbey.
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