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St James Church

The St James' and Almshouses 180 Club was formed to provide some financial support towards the ongoing costly repair and maintenance of St James' Church and the Tregonwell Almshouse Trust.

A monthly draw is held with the winning numbers published in The Bulletin ( You can win a cash prize from £5 to £30 (£50 at Christmas). To be included in the monthly draws you need to have purchased a number, the cost of which is £1 per month (collected annually in advance).


Approximately 50% of the proceeds is re-distributed via the monthly draws with the balance donated to the two beneficiaries once a year. Surplus proceeds are donated equally to each organisation - typically £500 each, but the actual amount is subject to sufficient numbers having been bought in the first instance.

As people occasionally leave the village there are usually a few spare numbers available, so if you would like to be included in the draw and at the same time make a small but positive contribution to the upkeep of two of our most historic buildings then please contact me, Nigel Hodder, on 01258 880229 or by email at


Alms Houses


Christmas & New Year Draw 


1st No 3 Pauline Bolt £50

2nd No 13 Barbara Cheetham £40

3rd No 48 Celia Callaway £30

4th No 44 Linda Joyce £25

5th No 73 Sarah Henley £20

6th No 157 Claire Chapman £15

7th No 114 Noreen Holton £15

8th No 141 Brenda Duncombe-Anderson £15

9th No 58 Dick Whelan £10

10th No 78 Jennifer Harrisson £10

11th No 147 Amanda Kayll £10

12th No 1 Val Lamb £10



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