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Heating Oil Buying Club


Did you know we have formed a buying club so that we can purchase our heating oil cheaper by managing a number of orders to be delivered on the same vehicle?

When we order a total of 5,000 litres or more across a number of properties the oil companies offer a discount which is normally 1p per litre less than the "1,000 litre" price. This is because by delivering to everyone within a village on the same vehicle they can reduce their transport cost which then gets passed on to us.

If you order through the club, this means you can order smaller quantities (minimum 500 litres) more often but still take advantage of the bulk purchase price.

There are currently around 35 households in the club, but the more people who join us the better it gets! With enough people we can arrange regular monthly deliveries (e.g. the first Monday of every month) so you have the benefit of regular top-ups helping to spread the cost across the year rather than one or two big bills. There is also the added advantage of buying in the summer months when the price tends to be a bit cheaper.


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