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Milton Abbas Neighbourcar is a community based transport scheme operated totally by volunteer drivers using their own cars from the villages falling within the Milton Abbas surgery catchment area. Each driver donates as much time as they wish to contribute.
We provide lifts to villagers who do not have access to public or private transport due to age or disability. We will take people to medical appointments within a 30 mile radius of Milton Abbas – this covers most of the local hospitals likely to be used by our clients.


A one off registration fee of £5 enables you to use our service.

We charge 45p per mile for medical trips and 50p per mile for certain non medical journeys (e.g. shopping; lunch club; etc.).

If you are interested in using Neighbourcar or if you would like to volunteer to be a driver please contact us on 01258 470333

(please note this is answerphone but we will return your call a.s.a.p.)

 or email

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