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 Minutes for 21st July 2014 meeting

The Objectives of MATCH (extracted from the MATCH Constitution) are:

1) To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Milton Abbas by associating together the said inhabitants and other organisations in common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants;

2) Establish or secure the establishment of a community centre and to manage and maintain the same in furtherance of the objects;

3) To promote such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined; and

4) To establish and maintain, for the benefit of the public, places of scientific interest or natural beauty and otherwise promote the natural sciences.



Social Programme Calendar 2013/2014.

During the year the principal events organized by MATCH were:

* Moveable Feast ; approx.. 30 attendees; £340 profit split between MATCH, St James

Church & the Health and Disability Fund.

* ‘40s Evening: A novel event and a great success which raised £440 for McMillan Nurses’ Appeal.

* Burns’ Night: As popular and successful as ever; raised £340 for DEC Philippines Typhoon Appeal

** It is reported that participants greatly enjoyed all the above Events. It is also to be noted that, with your agreement and support, this enabled £1000 to be donated to other deserving Charities.

During the past year, 2013/2014, it is a pleasure to report that the MATCH Trustees have been able, with active participation and support from the village, to pursue these Objectives via a comprehensive programme of activities. In addition to organizing individual 'Social' type events, a key aim has been to establish and maintain sub-groups, each of which will promote a topic of specific relevance to the village, affording both immediate and longer term benefit.

Permanent Sub-Groups.


Matchpatch :

During the past year the members of Matchpatch elected to become an independent organization, totally separate from MATCH. The MATCH Trustees understand the reasons for this move and wish Matchpatch well for the future. The Trustees are pleased to see that Matchpatch, which they brought to fruition after many years of negotiation, is now thriving in the village.


Village Web Site : Jennifer Harrisson

This continues to flourish under the very able direction of the web master. New items are added weekly which is so important. Please continue to send any items you wish to be added. Links to other websites have been added so if you are having difficulties finding bus time tables and the like go on the website. If you don’t have a computer pop down to the computer café on a Thursday morning and we will happily set you up. A recent addition has been the village history group and the hope is to be able to provide a link to some of the pictures that are turning up of the village in times gone by.

Thanks again to the Web Master who is doing such a good job on keeping the website up to date.


Woodland Group (Jane's Wood) : Mostyn Phelps

Work in the woods was badly affected by the weather during this season with only two working days taking place out of six planned. The high winds brought two trees and two more had to be felled for safety reasons. This meant employing contractors. This resulted in a large unplanned clearing up task taking most of the time available.

At the behest of MAPC a survey was carried out by members including the MAPC Tree Officer. Those trees which were deemed to be of some risk in the future were identified. We now await a visit from NDDC Tree Officer for his ruling on what should be done and when. The result to be submitted to MAPC in due course.

Due to the weather and time no further tree planting took place but that plan remains on the agenda. A professional survey of the few remaining serviceable bat boxes found one young occupant. MATCH has funded the purchase of six proprietary bat boxes and a further twelve of traditional design have been made using our own resources. These are to be put up during the Summer



Computer Café : Jennifer Harrisson

Numbers have increased slightly over the year often due to the healthy walkers’ attendance though others have been helped to understand the mysteries of computers. We have tried to make the first hour i.e. 10am to 11am (on a Thursday) a quiet hour so training can be offered. Due to the generosity of the Dorset Partnership for Older People Project i.e. POPP we have again been able to purchase new equipment. This time laptops have arrived with Windows 8 installed on them which has produced a lot of head scratching from volunteers as well as attendees. However, we will master this new introduction to the world of computers so we can continue to help others. On average we make £15 a session which pays for the coffee, heating, hire of the room and the telephone line and Broadband. This magnificent sum is due to the generosity of the villagers who continue to provide cakes for free. All helpers continue to provide their time and advice for free. Thank you.

In future all building applications will arrive via e-mails and not hard copies so if anyone wants to see what their neighbours are up to please pop down where we can assist.

There is still no news when Milton Abbas will be linked to Superfast Broadband, but the Parish Council should be informed 6 months prior to it happening. I have become a link for the process so am very happy to inform businesses and individuals more.




The Oil Buying Group : Louise Andrews

Louise has not been able to provide a written report in time for the AGM.

However, it is understood the situation remains similar to that reported for 2012/2013, with around 50 households participating. The oil price during the year has been volatile, requiring active monitoring by Louise and selection of the best price from her list of reputable suppliers.



We now have 50 members in the oil buying group. Buying oil is like a lottery. The price literally does change daily. From my experience if the price drops into the 50's then buy buy buy. It can very quickly change to being in the 60's and we don't like that.

Upton's are now our main supplier. Total Butler hasn't been able to come close to the price of Upton's on many occasions. I'd like to report that all deliveries have been made with zero problems but alas there has been the odd hiccup here and there. I do believe however that Chris Staines who I deal directly with does overall give us a good service and digs us out of the odd hole or two.

Many people ask if I know the price of oil. I usually check the boiler juice website to give me an idea of the price. Their website address is .. please don't be tempted to order direct for them as so far the orders have always been placed at a lower price.

It's a pleasure to be running the oil group, it is nice to be able to do something for the village so thanks for having me.


Community Lunch Club: Paula Kelsall & Jennifer Harrisson

POPPS [Partnerships for Older People Projects], have over the past years provided financial support to the Lunch Club. In doing so their expectation is that we will endeavour to provide a meal and social interaction for lonely people over 50. We are seeking your support to assist us to better achieve this aim. If you know of any person who would benefit from joining the Club, then please tell us, or, better still, bring them along. At present we give a regular group of about 20 people (including some visitors from outside Milton Abbas) a really jolly time and is definitely a worthwhile village activity!!

Due to work and other commitments our team of ‘chefs’ has been reduced to two, but we have had very welcome offers of help with providing food, and another team has been helping laying the tables. So it is all looking good for the future. We would be really grateful if there’s anyone who feels they could regularly commit to being on the rota for cooking.


Other Activities, Initiatives and Points of Interest

* The Bulletin/What’s On : Recently the decision was taken, by the Editorial Team, to merge The Bulletin and What’s On to form one, extended, monthly publication. During the past year M ATCH has sponsored two issues of The Bulletin and submitted various articles for publication. What’s On has been used as the prime means of advertising future Events.

* Village Activities : This publication is a summary of all the regular activities in the village. Previously issued half yearly, but in future will be annual. It is compiled by MATCH, but publication costs are now, like What's On, covered as a Street Fair beneficiary. The content has just been revised and updated and the 2014 edition will be issued next month.

* MATCH has purchased a tent with the capability of seating at tables up to 80 persons. It had its first use at the ‘40s Evening. It is available free for Village functions and can be hired for non-Village use.

* MATCH is pleased to be supporting, by monetary donation and acting as Banker, the initiative, led by Rob Golledge, to provide Grit Bins for the Catherines Well area.

* In the past MATCH has arranged ‘Milton Abbas Memories Evenings’ with the intention of enthusing villagers to bring alive the local history of Milton Abbas. It was, therefore, a great pleasure to be asked to sponsor the first meeting [in October] of the newly formed ‘Milton Abbas Local History Group’, being led by Pamela & Bryan Phillips.

* ‘MATCH Goes Public’: This was the headline in The Bulletin when MATCH Trustees held, in the Reading Room, their first open to the public Committee Meeting. .This was well attended and facilitated useful discussions on a number of village issues.

* Play Park: At the open Trustees’ meeting the question was raised if MATCH would adopt responsibility for the Play Park. This has been discussed by the Trustees at subsequent meetings. It was noted that the Parish Council require to spend £1000-£1500 to keep the Park in good order; this does not cover the cost of replacement of facilities which, MATCH were informed, could cost many thousands of pounds. Also, the Parish Council have, despite many attempts, been unsuccessful in attracting any parents to take a managerial interest in the Park. The Trustees concluded that they do not have the resources, neither personnel, nor financial, to adopt the management of the Park. However, this could be reviewed if a group of parents were to show positive interest. It was proposed to submit an article to The Bulletin explaining the situation.

* A Hostess Trolley has been purchased; with kind permission of the Alms House Trust the Trolley will reside in and be available for use in the Reading Room, but MATCH will retain ownership.

* Extra plates have been purchased and donated to the Reading Room resources.


Brian Isherwood. 30th April 2014.

MATCH Trustees 2014/2015

Chairperson: Jennifer Harrisson

Vice Chairman; Ian Maxwell,

Treasurer; Edward Watts,

Secretary: Jill Gipp

Membership Secretary: Paula Kelsall

Members; John Fifield: Keith Gipp, John Holden, Brian Isherwood


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